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Million Dollar Mastermind with Larry Weidel

Dec 7, 2021

At 19 years old Robert “Bob” Burr was driving a natural gas truck miserable and searching for something he could get excited about and at 36 he was an alcoholic ready to put the booze to the side and get his life together. Bob tells us about the side of life that is often not talked about. He also tells us the importance of caring for your employees.  
• Search for something he could get excited about. 
• Every day decide to make 5 people smile. 
• At 36 he was an alcoholic and miserable and he turned his life over to the lord and put the alcohol away. 

TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [2:42] Don’t fall in love with yourself. [4:48] Came to Bowling Green, Kentucky. [5:36] Take care of your people.