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Million Dollar Mastermind with Larry Weidel

Jan 27, 2022

Brian Mehmen has started several businesses and turned them all into multimillion-dollar companies. One of his most successful businesses is his software business that helps create booking agents in the hunting world.
• The incredible power for you of writing your own book.
• Writing your own book will transform you.
• How he started off his butcher business with a bang.
• Hard work drives success in everything.
• System – an opportunity to get organized with your efforts.
• Study Winners – Attitude, approach, application.
• Ledger – A “To-Do List”
• Without a to-do list – you lose focus easily.
• Hard work = Immense correct activity.
• Software –
• Been to Alaska 17 times.
• Jim Shockey experience.
• Go ahead and live life on your own terms.

TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [5:20] Million-dollar bookings. [10:12] Released a behavior. [17:08] Shot state record elk.