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Million Dollar Mastermind with Larry Weidel

Feb 7, 2022

Becoming an internationally known internet phenomenon in medicine had a lot of detours. Dr. Roger Seheult knew he was the perfect candidate to get into his dream medical school, but those dreams soon got shattered when he opened their letter. He was soon off to a different medical school where he came to realize that everything really does happen for a reason. He talks us through his journey of medical school and all the various steps it took to get to where he is today.
• Didn’t feel like a doctor until his 4th year of residency.
• Make sure your calling is to help others.
• It’s so much easier to do things when you are doing for somebody else.
• Became chief residency.
• How millennial physicians differ from earlier boomer generations.

TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [8:27] Motivation is much greater. [16:00] After medical school. [20:31] Became chief resident.